RJ Cajon

Great for accompanying an acoustic guitar, the RJ Cajon, made of mahogany ply, can provide a wide variety of snare sounds simply by hitting different areas of the responsive spruce ply top face of the drum. Striking the drum towards the center will give a deep, resonant bass tone.

RJ Drumset

Whether the grooves you hold down are hard rock, blues, jazz, pop or heavy metal, we’ve got the kit and the right stuff​.

RJ Drumset with Cymbal & Throne is the perfect 5-piece drum kit for beginners upto  pro performers! 

RJ Tambourine

Tambourines are one of the oldest instruments in the world.

That's why through time, all the tambourines are not created equal.

But RJ Tambourines is certain to include something to meet your needs

Its construction is classic, sturdy, and suitable for frequent use during practices and performances.

RJ Premium Cymbals

RJ Premium Cymbals have a good explosive sound that's not too long in duration because of enhanced three main zones of sound - the edge, body, and bell.

Each RJ cymbal type is designed to fulfill a specific role in the modern drum kit. Which is perfect for all types of music.