Custom Shop Agila Acoustics

  • Overall presence tracks well with other instruments both in a studio mix and on stage,and singer with one guitar. Many people want a single guitar that can cover a variety of styles

  • Custom Shop Agila Acoustics has Mahogany's earthy voice which has been featured on many roots music recordings over the years. A midrange powerhouse. Mahogany is a prized for balance and articulation,making it one of the best all- around tonewoods in the world

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RJ Professional Acoustics

  • From our newest line of RJ Professional Guitars, the RJ Prairie is a premier acoustic steel-string guitar, each detailed with a beautiful binding. The built-in RJ EQ-3, 3 band Active Equalizer with built digital tuner allows you to tune your guitar more easy, before you plug into any amp or sound system.

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