RJ Custom Shop Acoustics Agila - Orchestra Cutaway (Koa-Koa)

Product details of Rj Custom Shop Acoustic Agila - Orchestra Cutaway (Koa-Koa)

  • Orchestra Model
  • The Shape Produce an original acoustic voice that was big enough to handle a medium- strength picking and strumming, yet with impressive balance across the tonal spectrum, special in the mid range,producing clear,well defined notes that suited both strumming and finger style.
  • Overall presence tracks well with other instruments both in a studio mix and on stage,and singer with one guitar. Many people want a single guitar that can cover a variety of styles
  • Koa
  • Top Wood
  • A Koa top guitar might appeal to rootsy players who like a little puchiness in their tone. Their stifness initaily translate into a brght tone and tends to need more play in time to open up but the more koa top guitar is played , the more it develop overtones that contribute to a fuller ,richer, sound.
  • Koa
  • Body Woods
  • A dense tropical hardwood, koa blends mid range focus with extra top end brightness and chime. THe more a koa guitar is played and opens up - especially an all koa guitar - he more its midrange overtone add warmth and sweetness to its voice.
  • PreAmp
  • FishMan Flex Plus T
  • Cntrols: Volume Bass treble
  • Tuner
  • One-Press Bass Boost
  • Treble Boost
  • PegHead
  • Brass machine Head
  • Headstock overlay: Rosewood
  • Graphite Nut - unique nech support design
  • Fretboard
  • Rosewood
  • w. philippines eagle eye Inlay
  • Body
  • Top:Koa
  • Back @ Shape : Koa
  • Shape:Orchestra
  • with wood binding
  • Bridge
  • Rosewoood
  • Brass Bridge Pin
  • Gaphite Saddle
  • Sound Hole
  • Mother of Pearl and Abalone
  • Philippines eagle Inlay
  • Rosewood Arm-rest

RJ Custom Shop Acoustics Agila - Orchestra Cutaway (Koa-Koa)


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