Rj Custom Shop Acoustic Agila - Dreadnought Cutaway (Spruce-Mahogany)

Rj Custom Shop Acoustic Agila - Dreadnought Cutaway (Spruce-Mahogany)

Product details of Rj Custom Shop Acoustic Agila - Dreadnought Cutaway (Spruce-Mahogany)

  • Dreadnught Body Shape
  • Perhaps more than any other the Dreadnought remains linked with roots music like bluegrass and folk, in part because of its traditional role in defining those sounds. Pickers and strummers with an aggressive attack will love our Dreadnought's blend of power and articulation, which allows for clear lead lines and crisp,driving rhythms.
  • Spruce
  • Topwoods
  • The soundboard choice for most guitars, Sitka spruce produce a broad dynamic range ,yielding crisp articulation and allowing for everything from aggressive strumming and flat picking to finger picking. Sitka Spruce is Bob's Taylor's personal favorite for an all around great guitar.
  • Layered mahogany
  • Body Woods
  • Mahogany is known for its meaty mid range character, featuring a strong fundamental focus open described as punchy" woody" or dry because it doesnt produce a lot of ringing overtones. Mahogany's earthly voice has been featured on many root music recordings over the years. A mid range powerhouse . Mahogany is prized for the balance and articulation,making it one of the best all around tonewoods there is.SPECIFICATION :PreAmp
  • FishMan Flex Plus T
  • Cntrols: Volume Bass treble
  • Tuner
  • One-Press Bass Boost
  • Treble Boost
  • PegHead
  • Brass machine Head
  • Headstock overlay: Rosewood
  • Graphite Nut
  • unique neck support design
  • Fretboard
  • Rosewood
  • w. philippines eagle eye Inlay
  • Body
  • Top: Spruce
  • Back @ Shape : Mahogany
  • Shape: Dreadnought
  • with wood binding
  • Bridge
  • Rosewoood
  • Brass Bridge Pin
  • Gaphite Saddle
  • Sound Hole
  • Mother of Pearl and Abalone
  • Philippines eagle Inlay
  • Rosewood Arm-rest